Status: Adoptable
Breeds: Beagle
Mix: no
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Size: Medium
Last Updated: 2020-01-02 13:11:09
Description: Rufus
7yr old Beagle

Hello there folks,
My name is Rufus and I am writing to tell you a bit about myself. I am a 7 yr old single male in search of a loving family. That being said I need to make it clear monogamy is more my speed. I am old fashioned and do not want to share my people with any other fur siblings. I am an old man that needs all of your attention. However I want all my people to share me. I know a bit one sided but I am set in my ways and want love from all humans. As you can tell from my physique I am not the type to go on extremely long hikes, however I do enjoy venturing out doors and sometimes I will jog very short distances. I do not mind meeting other fur friends on walks and at friends homes, but I do not like sharing my people with another resident fur beings. I also refuse to share food. These are two must haves with my new home. Please be honest with yourself when reading this as I have already been through at least 3 homes that I can remember in the last few years and I find myself looking for a new one yet again. I am getting to old to keep moving around I am at the age I would like to retire. I would prefer a house with a back yard as I really enjoy the outdoors and sometimes can be too stubborn to go back inside.  I am not the typical vocal howling hound, but I will tell you when I want something like food, attention, outside time anything really it’s not much of a guessing game I will let you know. I also like to make sure everybody knows you are mine. I do this by rubbing my body on clothes ( clean or dirty) blankets, towels really anything I can get my paws on I will roll around in. This way all the other fur friends know you belong to me.
Anyways I hope this is enough to spike your interest please take a look at all my attractive photos as I put on my best shirt just for you.
Yours Truly
Rufus (The guy with lots of love to give)
Rufus has been vaccinated, mocrochipped, heartworm tested, neutered, and treated with Advantage Multi. He was a returned adoption at no fault of his own.
The adoption fee is $350 and includes spay/neuter (dogs over 6 months), vaccines, heartworm test (dogs over 6 months), deworming, Flea and tick prevention and microchip. Please visit to fill out an application.
**For puppies under 6 months a $100 spay/neuter rebate will be given with proof of spay/neuter certificate signed by a vet, if they have not been done prior to adoption.**
**Please note we DO NOT adopt our dogs as outdoor/farm dogs. These dogs are coming to us as stray, roaming or dogs that have lived a life tied to a chain. Our goal is to bring them in the house off the chain and give them a pampered indoor dogs lifestyle. Unless otherwise stated we will not even consider a home that has intentions of leaving our dogs outdoors or tied to a chain**

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