Status: Adoptable
Breeds: German Shepherd Dog / Labrador Retriever Mix
Mix: yes
Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Size: Large
Last Updated: 2018-01-22 17:15:00
Description: Penny
2 year old Shepherd/Husky mix

Penny can’t wait to find her perfect furever family. She is the life of the party in her foster home and brightens every day with her brilliant personality and happy goofy attitude. Day to day she is full of confidence and zest but did come into care with some fear issue’s she had to overcome to get to this point. With patience, some working knowledge of dog training and confidence building through positive reinforcement the sky is the limit for these sweet peppy lass. Penny just needs the right family who can be in tune with her body language and recognize when she might need a minute to re-group. She is very energetic and falls into the high energy category. A lover of the outdoors, fetch, long walks, jogs, and playtime with good friends she is always up for an adventure and some fun outside no matter the weather. When she is not romping around outside she loves to sit and watch the world go by at the window. Penny loves to chatter and will ask to go outside, tell you about her day and remind you when meal times are approaching. She is one smart cookie and very food motivated. Some of her favourite things to keep busy on indoors are puzzle toys and games of hide and seek. She loves to work for food so training is always a welcome activity. Penny is house and crate trained, has all of her basic commands down pact such as sit, come, off, lay down, stay and wait. Still fine tuning her drop it and leave it commands. With the help of her gentle leader she boasts excellent leash manners. Once she bonds with her humans she bonds hard and will be a very loyal and loving companion for those lucky enough to share their lives with her. Due to her past fear issue’s and need for continued confidence building we are looking for child free homes for Penny. Adult children 16+ only. Penny is also NOT suited to attached housing and will be looking for a detached home with fenced in yard space where she can enjoy the great outdoors and games of fetch day to day off leash and safe. Penny has some prey drive and will be looking for a cat free home only (or other small animals). She does however really enjoy other dogs so will be pleased if an appropriate playmate happens to be in her furever family. During her time in foster care she has done best with even tempered, playful friends who have the energy to play hard and run with her. Great with puppies, small dogs and better with females than males but personality is key for selecting her playmates.
Are you an active outdoorsy family hoping for a dog that can bring some extra sunlight and cheer to every day? Penny would love to hear more about you!

MUST HAVE’S – Detached home, fenced in yard, Some knowledge of dog body language, basic training and dog behaviour, NO CHILDREN, NO CATS (or other small animals)

Penny was originally brought into rescue after being found as a stray around 6 months of age. She has returned to rescue at this time to find a home better matched to her needs and personality.

The adoption fee is $350 and includes spay/neuter (dogs over 6 months), vaccines, de-worming, heartworm test (dogs over 6 months), flea/tic/heartworm prevention and microchip. **For puppies under 6 months a $100 spay/neuter rebate will be given if they are not spayed/neutered before adoption.**
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